Creating a Timer Template

Note: Timer Templates are only available in the Pro Edition.  Sign up for a plan today on our home page.

With Timer Templates, you can create reusable timer designs to act as templates for new timers that you may create.  You can customize a template to your liking and select the template when creating a new timer.  This helps organize different timer styles that you may use for different campaigns.

To create a Timer Template:

1. Click on the “Templates” tab and click the “Create New” at the top of the page:

2. Customize the template in the editor, and click Save when finished:

3.  To create a new timer with your template, navigate to the “Timers” tab and click “Create New”.  You will see your template in the templates dropdown:

4.  Your newly created timer will contain the same design as your template automatically:

That’s it!  You can now create custom Timer Templates to organize your timer designs!