Boost your
customers conversion

with countdown timers for emails
Your customers want conversions: add countdown timer features to your SaaS using Sendtric’s API or BeeFree plugin.

100+ email service providers have an
embedded integration with Sendtric

Sendtric API Benefits


Use our advanced timer customization options anywhere


Lightning fast response times and optimized countdown timers


Control exactly how Sendtric timers integrate into your platform

30+ languages

We support all the languages used by your customers

White Label

Maintain your own branding by white labeling our integration


We get 6B+ views annually with 99.9%+ uptime

“Boost Revenue with Dynamic Countdowns.”

“We couldn’t be happier with Sendtric. It allows us to add value to our customers and see the NPS go up. The countdown feature has been an invaluable tool to drive revenue for our customers. It adds a touch of personalized dynamism and urgency to our users’ campaigns, effectively motivating their customers to act promptly.”“No podríamos estar más contentos con Sendtric. Nos permite añadir valor a nuestros clientes y ver cómo sube el NPS. El temporizador ha sido una herramienta inestimable para impulsar los ingresos de nuestros clientes. Añade un toque de dinamismo personalizado y urgencia a las campañas de nuestros usuarios, motivando eficazmente a sus clientes para que actúen rápido.”

Enrique Novomisky

FounderFundador @WoowUp

“Personalize, Engage, and Drive Action.”

”At Splio, we are thrilled to share how Sendtric has transformed customer engagement through its exceptional countdown feature. This powerful tool allows us to personalize our customers’ campaigns and instill a sense of excitement and urgency, driving the end-customers to take immediate action. With Sendtric, we have elevated our customer satisfaction.
It’s very quick & simple to install together with Beefree, allowing us to generate instant value.”
“En Splio, estamos encantados de compartir cómo Sendtric ha transformado el compromiso de los clientes gracias a su excepcional función de temporizador. Esta potente herramienta nos permite personalizar las campañas de nuestros clientes e infundir una sensación de emoción y urgencia, impulsando a los clientes finales a tomar medidas inmediatas. Con Sendtric, hemos elevado la satisfacción de nuestros clientes.
Es muy rápido y sencillo de instalar junto con Beefree, lo que nos permite generar valor al instante.”

Nicolas Pinon

VP ProductVP de Producto @Splio

BeePlugin Customers

Test the Sendtric app and add countdown timers for your customers in 5 minutes!

Open API

Use our Open API access program so that you can build your own UI experience within your codebase for an integration that is seamless to your user. Our easy-to-use, documented endpoints will allow you to integrate with ultimate flexibility.

Get started now

Easy to follow 4 quick steps on
how to use the app.

1. Select pricing plan and sign up

3. Start plugging in our API to frontend

2. Receive API key from our dashboard

4. And voila! it’s ready to go!

Plans & Pricing

The package includes:
Select your timers monthly views
Across All Your Customers

Sendtric API Tier 1

3 million

  • Sendtric API Tier 1 - 3 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 2 - 10 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 3 - 25 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 4 - 50 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 5 - 100 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 6 - 200 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 1 - 3 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 2 - 10 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 3 - 25 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 4 - 50 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 5 - 100 million
  • Sendtric API Tier 6 - 200 million

$ 149.00 per month

additional $50 for extra 1 million views

Any other questions?

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Our API provides endpoints for interacting with our application’s timer generation capabilities. You can refer to our documentation at Click here.

To integrate our API into your application, review the documentation at Click here. You will need to obtain an API token by purchasing our API Plans.

Our API follows the REST API standard, allowing you to use any programming language that can consume REST APIs. Refer to our API documentation for further guidance.

We provide a Postman collection API where you can find code examples for consuming the API. Visit our API documentation for details.

No, we do not have a sandbox or test environment available. Refer to our API documentation to access the output format.

Our API uses Bearer token authentication. You will receive the API token after purchasing an API plan on our dashboard.

You can create unlimited timers using our API, but the usage is based on the number of views allowed by the purchased API plan.

Currently, we do not provide client libraries or frameworks for our API. Most programming languages support consuming REST APIs directly.

Our API supports JSON format. Refer to our API documentation for further clarification.

Our API follows standard REST API response codes, allowing you to handle errors or exceptions based on the response codes.

No, there are no API versioning or deprecation policies in place.