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We know how important it is to create effective email campaigns, and we would love to be part of your success. That's why our service is free and without branding. Need something custom? Check out our Professional Edition which has more features, or email us if you have any questions.

Sendtric Features

With over 1 billion countdown timers served from our platform, we are confident that you will find our timers easy and effective. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should try Sendtric today:

Reliable timers built within a robust, tested infrastructure

Optimized for fast loading times within your templates

Free without limits, branding, or a required credit card

Customizable with full color support, languages, and more in the Pro Edition

Email Live Countdown Timer
Sendtric Color Support
Upgrade your experience

Professional Edition


Need extra customization? Looking for better organization of your countdown templates and campaigns? We offer a wide range of advanced features that are perfect for companies looking to create the most personalized and effective email countdown timers.

Sendtric Timer Editor
Sendtric Templates Table

Customize sizing, fonts, background images, and core design to match your branding

Timer Templates

Store countdown designs to maximize efficiency and organization.

Dynamic Changes

Modify the timer at any time, even after a campaign is sent to prevent mistakes or make dynamic changes.

Uptime Guarantee

Have peace of mind with our 99% uptime guarantee



How do your countdowns work?

Our generator creates dynamic, real-time, animated GIF countdown timers for use in HTML email templates. The timers can be created for any date/time within the next 30 days.

How can I use your countdown timers?

Our countdowns are designed to be dropped into HTML email templates. Select options in our countdown generator, click generate, and paste the code into your template. If you need further assistance, email us at support@sendtric.com.

What is the email client support for your countdown timers?

Our countdown timers are animated GIF images, which are supported across nearly every email client. The exception to this is Desktop Outlook 2007+, which will show only a static image of the timer. However, this image will be accurate at the time the user opens the email.

How do I choose the right time zone?

By using the time zone drop down in the timer creation form, you can ensure you are selecting the right end time for your users. If you need a countdown to end at, for example, 12:00pm in multiple time zones, this will require multiple countdowns since it would be counting down different amounts of time.

How reliable is Sendtric?

Our service is very reliable, even for large volumes. We do not make uptime guarantees for our free service, but we take great pride in our reliability, as we know this is an important consideration. For added assurance of reliability, check out the Professional Edition which comes with an uptime guarantee.

Why is your service free? Is there a catch?

There is no catch. We are happy to provide you with a great service and value addition to your email marketing efforts. If you need additional functionality, you may find extra value in the Professional Edition.

I work at a web agency. Can I use your service?

We do not allow redistribution or resale of our free service in any way. Therefore, if you work at a web agency (or similar entity), and intend to use Sendtric countdown timers in a client deliverable, please look into our Professional Edition, which allows agency usage.

I have another question, or have a special request.

Please email us at support@sendtric.com and we would be happy to assist!

Questions? Email us at support@sendtric.com