Adaptive Time Zones for Users

Note: Adaptive time zones are only available in the Pro Edition.  Sign up for a plan today on our home page.

By using the “Adapt to User Time Zone” option, you can have a timer automatically adapt to the time zone of a user based on the rough geographically estimate of their location.  

To enable adaptive time zones:

1. Create a new timer, or edit an existing one:

2. Click the checkbox for “Adapt to User Time Zone”

That’s it!  You have now enabled adaptive time zones for users for your timer!

How Adaptive Time Zones Work

Whereas standard timers end at the same moment everywhere, this option adjusts the end time for each user based on their location so the timer ends at the same local time. For instance, if a timer is set to end at 11PM, and the timer is opened in Eastern Time (UTC-5), the timer will end at 11PM Eastern Time regardless of the timezone set in the editor.