How to Embed a Sendtric Countdown Timer into an Omnisend Email

Want to take your email campaigns to the next level? Give Omnisend a try by adding a Sendtric countdown timer to your email template. This dynamic feature creates a sense of urgency, motivating your subscribers to act quickly. Plus, it enhances the visual appeal of your emails, driving higher engagement and conversions.

With Sendtric, it’s effortless to create and embed a countdown timer into any email sent through Omnisend. Follow the instructions below to see how it can benefit your future email marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Open the Omnisend Email Builder

Open Omnisendand create a new email or use an existing template design.

Step 2: Add a custom HTML Block

From the “Library” menu on the left, choose “Qucik add”.

A secondary menu will open, offering a range of items to enhance your design. Choose the “HTML Code” content block and drag and drop it into position on your email template.

Step 3: Create Your Sendtric Countdown Timer

Open the Sendtric website in a separate tab in your browser and create your email countdown timer.

Simply add your email address, set the timer end date and time, and choose your customization options. When you’re ready, hit the “Generate” button.

Step 4: Copy the Sendtric timer HTML code

A new page will load with your unique HTML code. Press the blue “Copy” button to copy the code to your clipboard.

Step 5: Insert the HTML Code in Omnisend

Go back to the Omnisend email builder and paste your Sendtric countdown timer HTML into to box “HTML” box on the right-hand side of the page. Your timer will automatically be inserted into your email design.

Step 6: Test and Send Your Omnisend Email

After setting up your countdown timer in Omnisend, it’s important to preview your email to ensure everything appears correct. Make sure your Sendtric timer aligns with your branding and maintains a clean, simple design.

Sending emails is crucial in marketing, and incorporating Sendtric can boost their effectiveness. By adding a countdown timer, you can create a sense of urgency, motivating recipients to take action. Enhance your email marketing by maximizing the success of your promotions, sales, and events. Discover the power of Sendtric today and effortlessly create complementary countdown timers for your Omnisend emails.

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