Sendtric Professional Edition

Need extra customization?  Looking for better organization of your countdown templates and campaigns?  You might be a great candidate for our Professional Edition, set to officially launch within the coming weeks.  We offer a wide range of advanced features that are perfect for companies looking to create the most personalized and effective email countdown timers.  Review some of the features below, and if interested sign up to be notified of openings in our Beta program.

Sendtric Timer Editor
Advanced Editor
Our editor allows customization of nearly every aspect of a timer. Since we allow you to add your own background image, you can create a completely unique countdown that matches your branding perfectly.
Sendtric Templates Table
Template Organization
Create templates tailored to each of your different types of campaigns. This makes it easy to create timers from existing designs, saving time and allowing great organization.

Have peace of mind with our 99.9% uptime guarantee

Customize sizing, fonts, background images, and core design to match your branding

Use your own background image for a truly unique design that is exactly to your specifications

Store countdown designs to maximize efficiency and organization

Modify the timer at any time, even after a campaign is sent to prevent mistakes or make dynamic changes

Calculate cost and performance of countdowns across campaigns

To be notified of openings for our Beta program, please sign up below.

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