How do your countdowns work?
Our generator creates dynamic, real-time, animated GIF countdown timers for use in email templates. The timers can be created for any date/time within the next 30 days. The timer is accurate at the moment the user opens the email, and then will count down for approximately 60-90 seconds before it loops back to the time it showed when the email was opened. This looping is a technical limitation, however the timer will be accurate if the user reopens the email at a later time.
How can I use your countdown timers?
Our countdowns are designed to easily drop into HTML email templates. The code generated on our site can be copied and pasted for plug and play usage. You can select colors for the countdown background and labels to seamlessly integrate with your design. You can also select one of multiple languages that we support. If you do not see your language, please email us at support@sendtric.com and we will try to add your language!

We have received positive feedback for usages of our timers in scenarios such as retail sales campaigns, event dates, deadlines, and more. They help create a sense of urgency and have shown to increase click through rates and conversions based on feedback we have received from our users.
What is the email client support for your countdown timers?
Our countdown timers are animated GIF images, and thus have the same support. Animated GIFs are supported across nearly every email client. The exception to this is for Desktop Outlook 2007+, which will show only a static image of the timer. However, the static image shown for this fallback will be the accurate time at the moment the user opens the email.
How do I make sure the countdown is set in the right time zone?
When you create a timer, make sure that you select the right date and time for the target time zone for your users. You can do this using the time zone drop down in the timer creation form. The time zone will default to your current time zone. After you make a timer, the time zones no longer matter and it simply counts down to your end time. If you need a countdown to end at, for example, 12:00pm in multiple time zones, this will require multiple countdowns since it would be counting down different amounts of time.
How reliable is Sendtric?
Our service is very reliable, even for large volume usage. We do not make any uptime guarantees for our free service, but we take great care and pride in our reliability, as we know this is an important consideration for using us in a large campaign. If you would like an added assurance of reliability, or if you are running a campaign larger than 10 million users, we would recommend contacting us to set up as an enterprise customer, which would grant you access to our enterprise dedicated server or checking out our upcoming Professional Edition, which comes with an uptime guarantee.
Why is your service free? Is there a catch?
There is no catch. We are happy to provide you with a great service and value addition to your email marketing efforts. If you need extra functionality, learn more about our Professional Edition, which grants extra customization and other great features. Otherwise, feel free to continue using our service without limits or watermarks.
I work at a web agency. Can I use your service?
We do not allow redistribution or resale of our free service in any way. Therefore, if you work at a web agency (or similar entity), and intend to use Sendtric countdown timers in a client deliverable, this is not allowed per our Terms of Service. We do allow this with written agreement, but you will need to contact us to set that up. We reserve the right to disable countdowns that are in violation of this term. If you work at an agency, please check out our upcoming Professional Edition, which will grant agency use.
I have another question, or I need some extra customization.
Please email us at support@sendtric.com and we would be happy to assist!